The Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts (CEPA) is embarking on a powerful partnership in Calendar Year 2017. We believe will have a broad impact on the residents of St. Clair County.


SPOTLIGHT  will serve as the banner organization for CEPA to expand drama education in the schools and community at-large. Our mission is to unify the as much of the county as desires underneath this title and thereby readily share information and resources.

CEPA has initially partnered with Jefferson State Community College – St. Clair Campus for the program’s launch. Together, we have created a dual enrollment course for Theater Appreciation, a sought after class that will transfer readily to major schools. We have invited the students at all area high schools to participate.

The primary goal of SPOTLIGHT  is the creation of a theater program at Jeff State and a county-wide, all-ages community theater program through CEPA. In order to accomplish this, we are developing individual SPOTLIGHT  chapters in St. Clair County Communities.

By combining the efforts of these organizations with support from other community partners, we hope to create an opportunity for St. Clair County and surrounding residents of all ages to participate in community or professional theater programs without traveling to neighboring metro areas. Our goal is to expand education opportunities, raise tourism revenue through an increased number of cultural performances and reduce escape of local dollars in this area.

We intend to use this platform as a base for expansion into all-ages drama classes, improvisational programs, theater tech educational programs and more as resources become available in an effort to further capture all in St. Clair County who might be interested in contributing or participating in enhancing culture in their community.


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