Iron Horse sponsored by Metro Bank

Anyone listening to the innovative, hard-driving instrumental licks and strong harmonies of this bluegrass band will want to strap into their seat and prepare to be thrilled with the ride.  The compilations produced by this band truly bring delights to the listening experience. These guys are uniquely gifted in arrangement and presentation of their craft.

The belief that a group of men, with the help of God, can do anything certainly has found wings within the hearts of Iron Horse members, Tony Robertson (mandolin,) Vance Henry (guitar,) Ricky Rogers (bass,) and Anthony Richardson (banjo.)  Their vision and talent for producing a distinctive interpretation of bluegrass standards, as well as crossover standards have caused fans, peers, musical engineers, and recording labels alike to agree that these guys are outside of the box of restraints and boundaries.  They are, without a doubt, just in their inception of making their mark on the consumer with great acoustic and bluegrass music. Every indicator at this point is that their impact will be genuine and intriguing.

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“Iron Horse” has a new sound for Bluegrass and they always perform with a spirit and sense of style that pays the most gratifying compliment to acoustic and bluegrass lovers; a warm mixture of family influence, belief in God, and an unwillingness to deny their creative urges.

The variety and energetic composition presented on the live stage performances and recorded projects definitely prove that the well-blended arrangement originalities provided by Iron Horse have merit that will stand on its own in any genre.

Their show on October 5 is going to be a night you won’t forget, so be sure not to miss it and buy tickets today!

You can also learn about the rest of the upcoming Fall 2017 season here.

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