Spotlight Presents Harvey by Mary Chase

Many fondly remember the charming 1950 film Harvey starring Jimmy Stewart, based on the Pulitzer Prize winning play by Mary Chase.  It’s a story of kindness, friendship and most of all, happiness.  And it’s being performed here in Pell City in just a few short weeks.

Elwood P. Dowd (played by Brian Reaves) is the kindest and most generous man you could ever hope to meet. He loves nothing more than socializing with new friends at a neighborhood tavern.  Everyone loves Elwood, except for one glaring problem –  his best friend is a six-foot three rabbit named Harvey.

Much to the horror of his sister, Veta (Elizabeth Money), Elwood loves to introduce everyone to his invisible buddy. Hoping to spare her daughter and the rest of the family from the embarrassment of his eccentric behavior, Veta carts Elwood off to the local sanitarium to have him committed.  But when her own outlandish behavior lands her in the sanitarium instead of Elwood, hilarity ensues. 

In the end we are left to ponder which is really bestliving in the “real” world, or choosing a reality that makes us happy.  At one point in the play, Elwood is being encouraged to give up his best friend and responds with

“Doctor, I wrestled with reality for 40 years, and I’m happy to state that I finally won out over it.”

“This is going to be a hilarious show” says director Lesley Warren.  Ginger McCurry as the doddering aunt and Julie Funderburg as the doctor’s ditsy wife both have great cameo roles.”  When asked if Warren were going to really have a six-foot three rabbit onstage, she simply replied “you’ll have to ask Bob Barnett.”

Harvey will be performed at CEPA as part of their new Spotlight program.  Spotlight was developed by CEPA Executive Director Jeff Thompson and Jefferson State Community College – St. Clair Associate Dean Dr. Nic Kin.  Its mission is to foster drama education and encourage community participation in theatre right here in St. Clair County. Spotlight is supported by Honda, The Alabama Council on the Arts, and The Pell City School System.  Home Depot and Webb Concrete and Building Materials have also generously donated supplies to construct the set for Harvey.

You can catch Harvey at CEPA on October 26 and 28 at 7 p.m. and October 29 at 2 p.m.  Reserve your tickets by visiting

Press Contact:  Lesley Warren


Phone: 205-332-1961

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VIP tickets are $40, adult tickets are $20, and student tickets are $10. To purchase visit

To learn more about Spotlight, a partnership program among Jefferson State Community College – St. Clair, Pell City Schools, St. Clair County Schools and CEPA, or to learn more about Harvey, visit


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