Seeing our Events:


1. Does CEPA have a dress code?  What is the typical attire?

While CEPA does not have an official dress code, most patrons opt to wear business casual attire.  CEPA does, however, adhere to a strict no shirt, no shoes, no show policy. Note that all of our facilities are air conditioned/heated for your comfort — please dress appropriately.

2. What if I lose something in the theatre, where is the lost and found?

Personal items found in the theatre are kept in the office next door to CEPA.

3. Can I use my phone/tablet/laptop during a performance?

Yes – The best thing to do in order to avoid distracting others is to make sure your device is silenced before entering the theatre. We absolutely hope that you text/tweet/facebook everyone you know after the performance to let them know what a great time you had here!

4. What if I’m late?

If you already have your tickets, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the show. If your tickets are being held at the Box Office or you need to purchase tickets, we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the show. After the performance has begun, it may not be possible to seat you until a break. If there is an appropriate pause in the production, we will do our best to seat you toward the back of the theater in order to avoid disrupting the performance. However, please note that some productions simply will not accommodate late seating.

6. Miscellaneous tips:

  • Please unwrap all gum and cough drop wrappers before you enter the theatre
  • Drinks and food purchased at the bars in the theatre lobby are allowed inside the theatre
  • CEPA is located on Pell City High’s campus which is a no smoking facility.
  • Please avoid wearing strong perfumes or cologne — some patrons may be allergic
  • No flash photography is allowed inside the theatre
  • No recording is allowed inside the theatre.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse admission
  • Management reserves the right to make alterations in the cast (which may be rendered necessary by illness or other unavoidable causes)
  • We are committed to providing a world-class experience for you and your guests — if you’re dissatisfied for any reason, please notify the Director at intermission and we’ll work with you to make your experience better


Buying tickets:


1. How many people would I need to bring to a show to receive the group discount?

There may be group discounts available.  To purchase group tickets, call and leave a message at our office at 205-338-1974.

2. What should I do if I’m an CEPA season ticket holder and I missed my performance or would like to exchange for another performance?

Please contact our office at 205-338-1974 and leave a message.


Support us:


1. How do I make a donation?

There are several ways to make a donation, including online. Find out more by clicking here or contacting our office at 205-338-1974 and leaving a message.

2. Can I make a donation in honor/memory of someone else?

Yes, absolutely.  Contact our office at 205-338-1974 and leaving a message.

3. What do I get for my donation?

Exclusive benefits vary by the level of the donation.


About us:

1. How do I rent the CEPA Theatre or Gym?

Specific information may be found on the rentals page so you can determine if the space would be appropriate for your event.

2. What items can I donate to CEPA?

Yes, we take donations of clothes, jewelry, props, furniture, lumber, tools, etc. Basically if you don’t need it, we can use it.  You are given a letter of donation for tax purposes.  Contact the office at 205-338-1974 and leave a message.

3. Where can I view photos of the CEPA Facility?

You may view photos of our facility by clicking here.

Plan your visit:

1. Can you accommodate people with disabilities?

Yes, we have wheelchair access for those who are in wheelchairs.

2. How do I get to the theatre?

Our center is located in beautiful Pell City, AL., just minutes from Birmingham. Take I-20 exit 156. We are located next to the Pell City High School Campus. You can find additional directions here.

3. What are my parking options at the theatre?

We have free on-site parking available.



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