Summer Workshop

The Center for Education and Performing Arts is currently developing an addition to it’s roster of educational theater experiences. Beginning in 2017, our SPOTLIGHT program director will instruct a summer workshop that focuses on a historic performance style.

Next year, CEPA will open the theater for two weeks, welcoming those interested in learning more about the style of the world’s foremost playwright – Shakespeare.


Performing Shakespeare’s works, classics like The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo and Juliet, are undertaken by theater companies across the world every year. The language is a style of its own that challenges modern actors to suppress tendencies and commit to demanding roles.

But for many, that’s where the fun begins.

In Spring 2017, this page will be updated with registration information for the Summer Workshop, including dates and cost to participate. For more information, call the CEPA administrative office at (205) 338-1974.


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