Capital Campaign

“Every Seat, Every Word”


As the CEPA Board of Directors continues its campaign to broaden access to new cultural programming for local residents, it becomes more and more apparent that we simply can’t do it without you. As a supporter of our mission to improve lives in St. Clair County, you are the backbone of everything we do.

Announcing our 2017 Capital Campaign. A $100,000 project to advance the technology of our theater.



– Natural reverberation prevents use of hanging mic systems

– Speakers do not cover the room. Dead Spot in the Sweet Seats

– 10 years of use is clearly visible

– Some cabling in disrepair and currently bypassed

– Overall system isn’t compatible with touring acts

We now know how to fix this

– Wall panels to dampen the sound

– New, toned and targeted speakers and monitors

– Permanent wireless mic system

– Rewiring to compensate for modern and future technology

You might ask, who will this benefit from these repairs? People like Frank and Ginger.

Frank Baumann is a Vietnam War veteran and resident of the Robert Howard Veterans Home in Pell City. He’s also an avid supporter of the arts in this community. Frank attended every event in the Spring season, and he left each night with the same complaint. “This is great, but half the time I can’t hear anything, and the other half I can’t tolerate the noise.” 

Another side of it. As many days as we spend in the theater, you can triple that for Ginger McCurry. She is one of the most dedicated people we have ever met to the arts and has provided this city with an incalculable number of things to be proud of. She has raised the next generation of arts supporters in this community. And half the time, as you all know, you can’t hear her performers in spite of their efforts and training. From choirs to dramas, we know if a mic isn’t connected then the audience can easily be lost.

This year we have an opportunity to pursue grant funding that could multiply your contributions by six (6x!). Which means we will have the capacity to update even more.

This fall, donate to our efforts to change this faciity for the better – to ready it for the years to come. We aren’t slowing down, and we need your continued support to make our vision for the facility a reality. All contributions are a tax-deductible gift to CEPA Management Corp., a 501c3 nonprofit, and include recognition in print and digital sources as well as on-screen in the CEPA lobby.

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Any Gift Can Make a Huge Difference

Enter Any Amount Below. We are working to multiply your contribution up to six times for this campaign, meaning your $20 can become $120 through our efforts to match using grants and appropriations. Give now!



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