Invisible Scars: Learn about PTSD at CEPA next week

• 6 p.m.

Amaray wrap 0·5 spine

• Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts

• Free and Open to the Public

On Sept. 29, join the St. Clair County Extension and the City of Pell City as they present Invisible Scars: Hope for Warriors with Hidden Wounds. The film will screen at 6 p.m., and the showing is free and open to the public.

Your ideas, our future: CEPA Advisory Council launches

On Thursday, Sept. 15, I was proud to host the launch for the CEPA Advisory Council. It was truly wonderful to see those with an investment in the Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts turn out to assist us in shaping the future.

During the discussion, members of the community voiced opinions that really focused on four primary issues: programming, marketing, facility improvements and community investment. Take a moment and click here to see some of the ideas presented. There are some incredible, imaginative opportunities in there.

CEPA Advisory Council Follow Up


Over the course of the meeting, I not only learned a great deal about what CEPA means to the community, but I also learned that the will and drive of those close to the Center are a boundless resource of positive inspiration. At this point, especially after last night, we aren’t going to slow down, and we aren’t going to say “We can’t do it.”


I’m also going to take a moment here to credit the people that made the Advisory Council launch event happen – Casey Lauren Engelbrecht, Austin Nichols, Kelcy Williams and Jones Willingham – as well as an amazing Board of Director’s that has an uncompromising vision for CEPA – Carol Pappas, Bob Barnett, Matthew Pope, Henry A Fisher and Randy Mason.

See you at the show – Jeff


Join CEPA as We Shape Our Future


Alabama Symphony Orchestra , the Magic City Magic Club, Dolores Hydock, and Confederate Railroad are all coming to CEPA this season. It’s a massive lineup.

But as we look back at our planning for the Fall 2016 Season for the Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts, we noticed one thing was missing.


Our Town: Pell City – A story of being moved by the power of education

Vickie Harmon, original author of Our Town: Pell City, talks about the history of the city with PCHS drama students who are updating the script.

Vickie Harmon, original author of Our Town: Pell City, talks about the history of the city with PCHS drama students who are updating the script.

By Jeff Thompson, CEPA Executive Director

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

I’m being impressed like I haven’t been in quite a while.

Earlier this year, The Heart of Pell City Downtown Revitalization approached me with a proposition. “We found a play about Pell City,” Urainah Glidewell said. “Do you think we could put it on at CEPA?”

The script was written by Vickie Harmon, then a teacher with the Pell City School System, in 1990 for the city’s Centennial Anniversary. She called it “Our Town,” and it featured narrator Rob Skelton walking the audience through the founding of Pell City and some of it’s most notable characters. It’s fantastic, and I was on board.

Well, a week or two later, Urainah, Vickie and I approached PCHS Drama Teacher Ginger McCurry with a proposal of our own: Would her classes like to put the production on? Ginger loved the idea. So, we decided to update the script a bit and have a final version in front of the students on the first day of school.

Of course,  that didn’t happen. Mostly because updating the script fell to me, and I didn’t do it. I’m rather embarrassed about that now, but at the same time I’m really not. What we’re doing is so much cooler.

Work at CEPA – Contract Positions Available Now


CEPA – The Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts is interested in supporting the local economy by contracting with independent service providers in our area.

Pell City candidates to debate on August 12


On August 12, The Heart of Pell City Downtown Revitalization, the Rotary Club of Pell City and the St. Clair News-Aegis will host the 2016 Pell City Candidate Debate, open to those qualified to participate in the upcoming Municipal Election on August 23.

Free Movie: See ‘Honoring the Code’ on July 26 at CEPA


Free showing of “Honoring the Code: Warriors and Moral Injury”

July 26 • 6 p.m. • CEPA

In an effort to shed more light on moral injury, a condition many veterans battle, a free showing of Honoring the Code: Warriors and Moral Injury will be held on Tuesday, July 26 at 6 p.m. at the Pell City Center for Performing Arts.

CEPA 2016 Fall Season Tickets on sale July 18

Fall Season Tickets Flyer 2016 Reduced

Next week, tickets go on sale for the one of the most exciting seasons ever at the Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts (CEPA).

In September and October 2016, CEPA is hosting four events that feature some acts that have never before taken the stage in St. Clair County, and Friday, July 15 is your first chance to clam your seats. Season Tickets include access to all VIP Receptions and start at $85 – a 30 percent discount – but act quickly because the number is limited!

Volunteers needed July 8-9 at CEPA

Volunteers needed july 8-9

The Pell City Center for Education and the Performing Arts (CEPA) is looking for volunteers willing to donate time on Friday, July 8 and possibly Saturday July 9 at our administrative office, located next to Pell City High School.

The City of Pell City and the Pell City School Board are graciously providing us with a much-needed new floor, and we need your help moving boxes and furniture into on-site, short-term storage.

Email Director Jeff Thompson at, message us on Facebook or call the office at (205) 338-1974 and leave a message to let us know you’re coming.

Thanks so much for your support!

Tonight: Don’t miss ‘How to Eat Like A Child’ at CEPA

Marketing Drama Camp Performance 2016 2

How to Eat Like a Child – And Other Lessons in Not Being a Grown Up

2016 CEPA Sumer Drama Camp Finale

Friday, June 24 • 6 p.m.

Doors at 5:30 p.m. • Entry $5

Coming this Friday to the Pell City Center for Education and the Performing Arts (CEPA) stage is a play featuring some of the county’s finest kid actors doing what they do best – acting like kids.

“How to Eat Like a Child – And Other Lessons in Not Being a Grown Up” is a play that will see the members of this year’s CEPA Summer Drama Camp teaching lessons to each other – and the audience – about understanding the nuances of kid behavior.

So, for example if you ever wondered what it’s like to be a kid at bedtime (“I hate going to bed,” they say) or what kids do at school all day (“I put my head down and take a nap,” they add), these actors are ready to show you.

“It’s lessons like “How to Ride in a Car” that really crack us up,” said Ginger McCurry, Pell City High School’s drama teacher and instructor for CEPA’s Summer Camp. “When one child, pretending to be a parent, tells another to ‘draw an imaginary line’ and don’t cross it, adults get to see what they look like from their kids’ perspectives.”

The full-length musical comedy is abased on a book written by Delia Ephron, and in the the 1980s it was adapted into a TV movie starring Dick Van Dyke.

“How to Eat like a Child” will feature 18 local actors performing on the CEPA stage on Friday, June 24 at 6 p.m. The theater opens at 5:30 p.m., and the cost is $5 at the door.

For more, call CEPA at (205) 338-1974 or email